More polishes for free - Essie French Affair Spring Cube

    I also got Essie French Affair Spring Cube with the remaining vouchers for I chose this because I wanted to try Nice is Nice and Coat Azure. You also get French Affair and Topless & Barefoot

    First up is Coat Azure
    Next is Nice is Nice

    Third up is French Affair
    And lastly is Topless & Barefoot

    Sorry these are a bit blurry but they are the most accurate for colour so I wanted to include them.

    I really like these. They are small at 5ml each which some people may prefer but at £16.95 I wouldn't pay for it with really money. Clubcard vouchers is fine though XD I think if you are really lemming for a collection this could be a nice way to do it especially if you don't use your polishes very quickly.
    I would also like to say the service from was amazing. I ordered it late on Monday evening and I would have got it by 11am today if I had heard the postman!
    Lot of Love
    Stacie xoxox

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