OPI Polishes for free!

    I swapped £20 of clubcard vouchers into £40 to spend at beautyexpert.co.uk which is a great deal! Money for nothing! 
    First up I got OPI Lil Shooters set which contains Austin-Tatious Turquoise, I Vant to be a-lone star, Do you think I'm Tex-y and Rapidry topcoat.
    I was surprised by the size. I know I should have read the description better but each polish is 3.75ml. Look at the difference in size!

    As you can see I also got Not Like The Movies.

    Left to right is Do You Think I'm Tex-y?, Austin-Tatious Turquoise, I Vant to be a-lone star and Not Like The Movies. I was disappointed with them all. I really wanted to try Texy and Lone Star from the new Texas collection. First issue was that because I got the Lil Shooters the brushes are tiddy so it was hard to get the polishes on nicely - which is odd considering most stuff I do I uses much smaller brushes! Second was how sheer they are - I know Texy is a 'sorbet' but after the 3 recommended coats you can see the nail line in the above picture. All my nails are stained and that is the only one you can see the line on. I do really like the colour of Texy and if you like jellies these are nice. 
    I also thought that A-lone star would be more blue. It looks like a very pale grey on my skin tone which was disappointing. Not Like the Movies looked like a grey with pinky purple shimmers on the pictures and swatches I had seen so I really wanted to try it. Unfortunately on my nails it looks nothing like the swatch picture.

    I wish it looked like the picture above in real life but to me it is very green. Not bright grass green but a goldy grey green. Shame. It's also sheer. 
    On the positive sides I will say that I like the brushes on the full sizes. 
    I know that it must be me. So many people LOVE OPI but they just don't do it for me. If I could have Models Own or Barry M in the OPI bottles I would be a very happy girl. I won't write off OPI though I'm sure in the future they will release something I absolutely have to have XD
    Lots of Love 
    Stacie xoxox

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