Some Born Pretty Strangeness

    Hello, Dear Reader!

    Today I received my third email since the 12th from Born Pretty, the site with the free Hello Kitty plate, that indicates some things are messed up on their site. I've replied to all three asking for clarification, but there are no answers, just another weird email, so I wanted to let you know about it so that you may take it into consideration and proceed with caution.

    Here's the first of them, with things it would be a good idea to omit omitted, and the bold underline being mine.

    Hello,Siobhan xxxx,
    Thanks for your order.
    Our system has finished all the hello kitty plate order process. Please confirm that you had followed us on twitter and retweet the link: [a valid link used to be here]
    You'll get the hello kitty plate if you had done this.
    Some days before, there's something wrong about our system, but we do protect customer privacy. For our apology, we'll offer another 500 pcs hello kitty plate giveaways on next Monday.The coupon code is:BP299
    500 pcs available. If you haven't got the hello kitty plate before, you also can get it again.
    That will be very appreciated if you can share the coupon code on any freebies website like these ones: [address of a specific site for me to spam with links] and [address of a specific site for me to spam with links].

    Best regards,

    Jessica Customer Support

    The thing is, I only placed that one test order I told you about. The existence of a new order in conjunction with the part in bold made me wonder whether customer accounts were compromised, so I asked (I know there's a language barrier, but the qualification about customer privacy is phrased as I would to tease someone, trying to make him think I had not). The next communication was essentially the same message from a different sender at Born Pretty, to which I again replied asking whether customer accounts were compromised, and this morning I just received the message above again. I replied with my question for a final time and told her without more info, I'd kind of feel obligated to let you know that it might be wise to be cautious here, and I still haven't heard back, so I figured it's time to give you as much info as I have. Since I published the info to order from them and reported no problems, I thought you should be aware that there are issues now. I'll put a link to this post at the very top of the one about the free plate.

    If any of you have gotten more answers than I have, I think we'd all be grateful for a comment with what you know. Realistically, it's probably nothing, but when I keep getting notices of new orders with mentions of site issues and no replies to questions, I just have to think it would be wise to hold off on placing an order for a few days until the dust settles.

    That's just about all there is to tell you about, Dear Reader. Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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