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    Hi Followers old and new! Lovely of you to choose my Blog. If you have any requests for nail art designs please ask. I might not be able to do it but I will try. I am working on some tutorials too.
    Stacey asked yesterday how I kept my nails so nice and I replied that I faked it, well some of the time. Before I started painting my nails I never had any problems. I just filed them everyone now and again and that was it. Recently though they have been flakey and splitting and my index fingers and middle fingers have got very short. I don't know the cause but I have started using Seche Rebuild to try and build them up and wearing false nails so I can keep them all polished. The ones I have bought are Kiss 100 Full Cover Nails I got both the Active Square and Active round. They are so easy to put on (did glue my fingers together once though!) and stay stuck until you take them off.
    They are very comfortable. I have worn false nails once before and taken them off before the day was over but these are great! If you follow the instructions they work well. To remove I bought an artificial nails remover pot from Boots and they come off easily.
    Sorry the shorts are a bit blurry. I just can't seem to take a photo at the moment :/
    As you can see one is square and one is rounded. You just put some glue on your nail and then stick the fake one on.

     I have filed them to the length I like and they look ok. Here they are painted:

    Sorry the polish isn't perfect but I just wanted to stick a quick polish on to show you how the look. Going to do something a bit more interesting later ;-) The polish is the wonderful Barry M Dusty Mauve
    Also I said before I would show you a NYC polish I got a few weeks ago
    This polish is so runny and thin I didn't have the patience to do a whole hand. Colour is Empire State Blue. Has a bit more green and yellow in certain lights. Shame its like gnats pee or it would be a nice polish.

    EDITED TO ADD: One of the best features of Kiss 100 Nails packs is that the nails do not chip! I have not had a nail polish chip will wearing it. They really are so good that I would wear them on all my fingers if it didn't mean chopping some down. XD

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