Zoya Promo: Get Your Green On

    Edit, 03/04/2011, 9:53 a.m.:  Zoya says:

    We have just SOLD OUT of the colors for our "Zoya - GET YOUR GREEN ON promo!!!" Since we no longer have inventory to fill the orders we are canceling the promo - effective immediately. 

    Hello, Dear Reader.

    This was in my Inbox tonight, and it's active March 4 (now - they're on EST) through the 7th 11:59 PM EST. I've asked for confirmation of the end date, as there were two included with this being the earlier, so if I get a different date I'll update and change that. [Update: the end date of 03/07/11 was confirmed by Zoya.]

    Here's a link to Zoya's site for the promo (link was removed when it was cancelled), and here's what was in the email (click the picture for full size).

    The text is as follows, with the bold being mine:
    Get 3 of Zoya's best selling green nail polishes for $5*! This incredible offer includes Zoya Suvi, Zoya Shawn and Zoya Ivanka! Green polishes for work, play and everyday! Get this $24 value for $5* when you add it to your cart now! (You save $19!) Don’t miss out! This offer is only valid until March 7, 2011 at 11:59 EST! Limit one Trio per customer.

    Here's how it works:

    Add one "Get Your Green on Trio" to your shopping cart. Once in your cart a discount for $19.00 will appear, reducing the net Trio cost to $5.00. Then just complete the checkout process. Remember only one "Get Your Green on Trio" will be discounted. Any additional trios that you purchase will be at regular price.
    And here's another link just so you don't have to scroll up (link was removed when it was cancelled), and some my swatches of Shawn and Ivanka (I don't have one of Suvi)

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