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    Hello, Dear Reader!

    I'm writing this in advance in order to pass these pictures on to you as soon as I can - Zoya sent promo images of their Summer 2011 collections this week that can't be published until this very minute.

    First up is the limited edition collection of Mod Mattes.  The colors are Phoebe (bright blue), Lolly (pink), and Mitzi (bright green).  There are no verbal color descriptions, so I don't know if they're creme or shimmer.

    Zoya Mod Mattes
    Zoya Mod Mattes for Summer 2011

    There are two additional regular collections as well, Sunshine and Summertime.  Here are Zoya's promo image and color descriptions for each:

    Zoya Sunshine and Summertime
    Zoya Sunshine and Summertime Collections for Summer 2011
    ·         Sooki (ZP552) - Bright, clean, crisp cool cherry red cream with a subtle jelly finish. For an irresistible, attention-grabbing red nail.
    ·         Tamsen (ZP553) - Medium warm brick red with strong orange tones with an opaque cream finish. A special red that is both enticing and mysterious
    ·         Areej (ZP554) - Pink with an opaque cream finish. A pink for when you want a bold pop of color but not something neon-bright.
    ·         Kieko (ZP555) - Warm, red toned dusty light purple with berry tones with an opaque cream finish. A nice alternative to pure pink or berry, especially flattering on warm skin tones.
    ·         Mira (ZP556) - Blue toned medium purple with dusty lavender tones and an opaque cream finish. For a muted yet colorful purple that isn't too dark.
    ·         Breezi (ZP557) - Soft, dusty, medium cerulean blue with an opaque cream finish. A super chic  high-fashion denim look for nails.

    ·  Reva (ZP546) - A cool toned strawberry red with glowing golden metallic sparkle. A very rich and luxurious looking gilded red.
    • Kimmy (ZP547) - Gleaming metallic candy apple red brightened by gold sparkle. Not your usual red shimmer- this one has a fiery attitude.
    • Apple (ZP548) - Luminous yellow-toned apple green packed with gold metallic sparkle. A dimensional green that's clean and bright.
    • Tanzy (ZP549) - Light, bright tangerine orange with yellow gold metallic sparkle. A sunny orange that's easy to wear year-round.
    • Rica (ZP550) - Warm light coral with pink and orange tones and heavy gold metallic sparkle. An alternative to flat corals for when you want to shine.
    • Faye (ZP551) - A bronzed mauve with purple and brown undertones flooded with right gold sparkle. A unique gilded shade that will work in any season.
    Those descriptions are copied and pasted, so the text color and formatting are not mine.  I figured neither your nor I care enough about the color of the text or formatting inconsistencies to warrant the effort involved in adjusting things, so I didn't.

    I'm interested in seeing the real colors - I don't really have a sense of the two regular collections from the promo picture.  The image for the new mattes, assuming it's accurate, gives a clear picture of the colors, but to be completely honest with you I was pretty done with mattes some time ago.  They're great summer shades, I just can't get past the weird feeling of the surface of matte nail polish and I'm finished trying, so I'll skip those altogether.  The others look like there's potential there.

    There's nothing else new and exciting to tell you about, so I'll be nice and just wrap it up. Until next time, Dear Reader, love and nail polish to you!

    Added at 5:30 pm on 03/20/2011 (before publication, but unrelated to this post):

    THANK YOU, Dear Reader!  I was so sad having to post about the addition of new ads, for which I was prepared to take criticism, but it seems that many of you have responded by clicking the ads.  Each click is putting several cents toward paying the May utilities so I can begin to worry about June rent, and I really can't thank you enough.  You're giving me a light at the end of the tunnel, and I very deeply appreciate it.

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