Color Club Gimme A Grape Big Kiss

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    On Sunday afternoon, I changed my nail polish to Color Club Gimme A Grape Big Kiss from the Wicked Sweet Collection, the scented neons for Summer 2011.  It's not really a true neon, more of a vivid purple creme.  The polish was easy to control and it applied well, but required three thin coats to be entirely opaque.  That's not terribly out of the ordinary for such a bright shade or for a scented polish, so the extra coat didn't throw me off.  I finished it with top coat, and it's a really striking polish.

    Color Club Gimme A Grape Big Kiss
    Color Club Gimme A Grape Big Kiss Nail Polish, Three Coats
    For this particular shade, I would have been willing to do three coats of color at the outset.  When the fact that it smells like grape Bubble Yum bubble gum is tossed into the equation, I'm willing to do three coats and my little heart goes pitter-patter while I do.  As I write this (which was last night, I wrote it ahead of time so I could sleep in a little longer today), it's about an hour after I added a refresher top coat to it, and it still smells of grape Bubble Yum when I sniff it, about as much as it did yesterday. The fragrance is pleasant but not overpowering at all - I really do have to specifically sniff it to catch the scent (and my sniffer is better than ever after a week of not smoking!).  If the often sickly sweet fragrance (odor?) of the Revlon Scents of Summer fruity polishes put you off of scented polishes, the Wicked Sweet Collection might just sway you back and make you love them.  Personally, I generally liked the Revlons, but I do recall that when settling in to sleep with my hands close to my face, that coconut one was somewhat sickening, but I had no such problem last night.

    I'm really happy with the color, and a young-ish lady coworker enthusiastically complimented it, so I'm glad that I've worn it plain for a bit.  At the same time, it's screaming at me to Konad it, so I'll likely do that tomorrow evening if it lasts another day without chips.

    That's just about all there is to tell you, Dear Reader.  Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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