Color Club Space Case

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    Well, I'll tell ya... Starting up a new tech-y type department in a company carries with it loads of frustration stress (when you're the kind who wants everything done perfectly for all time yesterday), and last night I could think of only one thing to counter it that's totally harmless, and that's fairy princess nails.  That meant no Konad got added to my scented orange neon, and I switched to Color Club Space Case and Starry Temptress from the Starry Temptress Collection, although as I mentioned, I prefer to believe that it makes me a fairy princess rather than a starry temptress.

    I showed you this combination already when I posted the whole collection, and it's what I wore after swatching because it's fabulous and I love it.  Space Case is the slightly shimmer neon pink with lots of holo glitter, and is very well pigmented and perfect in two thin coats.  I added one coat of Starry Temptress, the glitter top coat, to it just because a true fairy princess really can't sparkle enough.  I'd wear a tiara in public on difficult days if I could.  The opportunity to wear a tiara in public was actually central in planning my first wedding - the only things I put real effort into were the vows, the tiara, and the honeymoon trip (which was to Great America to ride roller coasters).  In this moment, I'm just astounded that I managed to drift from details of swatching a collection to telling you about riding roller coasters on my honeymoon, so I'd better pick up the pace and show you  a picture before I start rambling about the tensile strength of silk or something...

    This is the manicure, which is two coats of Space Case and one of Starry Temptress with two coats of top coat to smooth it out, under artificial light - I'm writing this last night, hence the weary stream of consciousness, and it's storming and will be today as well, so there's no chance for a good sunlight picture.

    Color Club Space Case
    Color Club Space Case, Two Coats, with One Coat Color Club Starry Temptress
    Seriously, could you write a venomous email with that manicure doing the typing?  I can't, that's why I like it.  I might have a little tantrum here or there, but then I get distracted by sparkly hot pink and suddenly the world is a wonderful place to be.  I had the world's best Quaker Parrot for several years (he'd say literally hundreds of phrases, often in context), and we always related well on the level of our appreciation for sparkly things.

    Okay, this is totally unrelated to the post, and were I less tired it wouldn't have been brought up, but I have a funny Arthur story for you.  Arthur was my parrot's name (I wanted him to have a dignified name).  I had him from right when he was weaned until he was five, but then he started getting stressed because I was working too much overtime, so I got him this over-the-top bird loving family 200 miles away (they actually got him another Quaker, despite having many other parrots to be his new flock), where he lived for another year and a half before he died of cancer.  He was super cute and smart, but also ridiculously territorial and jealous.  There was an occasion the first few months I had him, when he was still learning not to bite, when he got too excited at seeing some pizza I was bringing him (one of his favorites) and he bit me hard enough to break skin and exclaimed, "Pizza!"  I got mad and said, "You don't get any!"  From that moment on, any time he was mad he'd say, "You don't get any!"  I felt so bad I never spoke those words again.

    Part of the territoriality was that while he knew him when we were dating, Arthur hated my first husband.  I really can't emphasize "hated" enough here.  If we were sitting on the couch, Arthur would bite H#1 as hard as he could, sometimes not letting go until I pried his little beak open, then he'd say "Don't bite!" and heartily laugh in my laugh.  Once H#1 and I had a big disagreement, the kind where some time is taken to evaluate whether to continue or break up, and H#1 was coming over to talk about things.  I was stressed and just didn't want to have some grueling awkward talk, but when the doorbell rang, I answered.  Arthur ran as close to the door as he could and pulled out the big guns with an emphatic, "You don't get any!" at H#1.  If only I'd listened to the parrot...

    At this point, I'm so tired that I'm just rambling about random things, so I'll just end now.  But if you have a Quaker Parrot and are dating, please heed his warnings.  Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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