Lots o' Konad

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    A mid-morning post and the reappearance of the temporary ads can only mean one thing, right?  I'll explain Seinfeld style: I started the new job, yadda yadda yadda, now the job hunt resumes.  The up side is that although I'm horrified that at my age naivete is still so problematic, in this day I get to do absolutely nothing that my Creator has explicitly asked me not to do and my conscience won't have to cringe even once, so all is well.

    I still got up at workday time and did a few things that I wanted to accomplish, then I got to Konad the heck out of my sparkly off-white manicure.  I found that the light rose fragrance of the Anna Sui 001 polish markedly diminished by the end of the first day of wear, and it's gone now.  Frankly, I don't even know which plates I used here and already put them away.  The only thing I distinctly noticed while stamping and chatting on the phone was that the only stamp that's messed up, my pinky nail's ladybug, is from a Bundle Monster plate.  I can never get a perfect stamp from a Bundle Monster plate, only Konad and Chez Delaney are reliable for me.  I made a happy manicure for today...

    Lots of Konad Stamping :)

    See what a difference there is between the one Bundle Monster stamp and the Konad used for all others?  I used Konad polish for all stamps, and the ladybug's red is Konad Princess Cool Red, the same as the rose, so the polish isn't a variable, only the plate used is. That's a fair representation of the results I get overall.

    I also have a tangential topic that I'd really like to get your thoughts on if you'd care to weigh in.  Every time I've broken a nail in the last year or so, my beloved tells me to only "cut the others just partway because the short one will want to grow faster to catch up."  The first few times, I thought he was kidding and laughed, but in the last week when he said that (when I was lamenting doing some evening out this weekend), I threatened to post his theory to get more input on it, which prompted a defense of the theory.  Now I'm not so sure he's kidding.  This is a logical man, a systems analyst with a degree in math, harboring the notion that nails have the capacity for self awareness and assessment of others as well as the ability to take action to influence a desired change in that state of affairs.  Do you buy it, and if not, is there anything that could make you cosign that theory?  You know I'm not huge on discussion topics, but every one of my brain cells screams "Nooo!" in reply to both questions, so I need some assurance that there either is or isn't information I don't currently possess that would change my answer...

    That's the update for today, Dear Reader.  Just like last time, I give you my sincere apology for the necessity of the extra Google ad and my assurance that I'll take it down as soon as possible - I'd be tickled pink if I can this week.  Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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