Revlon Blue Lagoon

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    It just occurred to me now, almost three years into this blog, that it might have been wise to make labels summarizing my assessment of whatever I'm telling you about (like good, average, etc.).  In the case of Revlon Blue Lagoon, I was specifically wishing that I had a "Completely Blows" label.

    The shade isn't anything to write home about, a nice pastel blue, but the finish on it's gorgeous, which is why I got it.  It's like the cool finish of Sally Hansen Gentle Blossom.  I used three coats of Blue Lagoon, and I let each dry for a few minutes in between since Revlons are hit or miss for me, with drying properly being the misses, and finished it with Poshe.

    Blue Lagoon was a huge miss.  I had a zillion bubbles by bedtime a few hours after applying it, but just went to bed.  I woke up with a zillion bubbles and every nail covered in sheet marks.  I memorialized the mess this morning...

    Revlon Blue Lagoon
    Revlon Blue Lagoon Nail Polish, Three Coats
    Great look, huh?  It looks like my nails have a pox erupting over their acne scars.

    Just so today's post isn't mopey with just a big Revlon miss, I have bonus pictures for you that I took early this morning.  It was so early that not everyone was awake yet.

    Sleepy Duck
    Sleepy Ducky :)

    That's a normal Mallard, there are also far more fabulous Wood Ducks here.  They were awake.

    Wood Duck
    Wood Duck Having Breakfast

    When a day starts with sneaking up on a sleeping duck and taking his picture, it kind of doesn't matter what doesn't go exactly my way for the rest of the day.  That's going to be a fun day no matter what.  On my way back, I was walking down a path and a goose was standing in the middle of it, and I'm terrified of geese (what a lame fear!).  I decided to be all brave (well, "normal" might be a better word here) and just walk by, but evidently he's not a morning goose and hadn't had his coffee yet because he started hissing and charged directly at me.  I was running backwards, and was astounded at my ridiculous instincts - I was trying to reason with him!  Know what?  Angry, hissing, charging geese don't seem to react one way or another to the assurances of the target of said charge that there's no malevolent intent, even when presented with evidence of that.  I ended up having to backtrack to where I started and go around a longer way, and by then the goose-charging incident struck me as ridiculously funny.

    That's what I have for you today, Dear Reader.  Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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