China Glaze Tickle My Triangle

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    Wearing a holographic polish in the sun was so fun that I picked another China Glaze  Kaleidoscope for today, this time the pink one, Tickle My Triangle.  I think it's gorgeous since I love bright pinks and I love holos, but I'd want it even if it was awful just for the name.  Earlier this year, I was asked for my pick for the sexiest nail polish name, and I picked this one.  If you take the link to read the short article, be sure to read the "Sexiest Color" quote on page 3, which despite being a perfectly valid opinion, is funny when you're reading it linked from here. I hadn't mentioned the article at the time it was published because it wasn't directly relevant to a post, and I felt ill at ease subjecting you to a "Not getting enough of me here?  Go look at this page for even more!  Me!  Me!  Me!" so I didn't...

    Anyhow, this is the version of Tickle My Triangle with a black label and white print (the three free version), and it only took two coats and was easy to apply.  Here it is in the early morning sun, which I drove over to a parking lot to get (houses and trees are blocking it at home!).  Now even more local residents have had the joy and the honor of watching me take a picture of something I'm hiding in my hand.

    China Glaze Tickle My Triangle
    China Glaze Tickle My Triangle Nail Polish, Two Coats

    Again today, what's not to love about this polish?  I'll tell you what's not to love about these nails - they're still uneven.  I had every intention of evening out yesterday, but completely forgot about it until I checked to see if Tickle My Triangle was dry enough to go out and take a picture this morning, and I said, "Hey!  They're still uneven!"  It's rare that something just drops out of my brain for a full day, but this did.  I'll take care of it soon, although today's chock full of activity so I'll just get to it eventually... It's a good opportunity to test my theory that no children will go to bed hungry because my nails don't look their best.

    That's what I know this morning, Dear Reader.  Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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