Nfu Oh 40

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    I thought I'd bring out an Nfu Oh flaky today, and I went with Nfu Oh 40. For the base color I chose Misa Quirky Smile, a teal shimmer. Quirky Smile was a two-coater, and I just ventured over to Trans Design to see what collection it's from (a recent one, I know), and noticed all of Trans Design's OPI pages are gone - everything OPI-related is just missing (TD got back to be, see update at the bottom of the page). Hmmmm... I'll have to remember to email David to ask what that's about. I also didn't find which collection the Misa's from, to get back to the topic of today's post, but that doesn't especially matter.

    I added two coats of Nfu Oh 40 to Quirky Smile, and it turned out being a little bit better in real life than the best picture I could get with artificial light. It's a little mermaid-y, a little like a mosaic, and reminds me why I like Nfu Oh flakies.

    Nfu Oh 40
    Nfu Oh 40 over Misa Quirky Smile, Two Coats Each

    I didn't alter this picture, I just had the good fortune of catching one where the bottle really shows how cool Nfu Oh flakies are. I only used one coat of top coat, and now that it's totally dry, the manicure could use one more to smooth it out completely, but I don't think it will take more than that. The only thing I dislike abut flaky glitters is the removal, which always makes me wish I had a mini sandblaster. I'm sure the neighbors would enjoy that show, me sitting on the lawn sandblasting away with my tiny portable sandblaster. Like they don't have enough questions about what the heck I'm up to, always taking lots of pictures of secret things I'm hiding in my hand...

    That's the manicure, the made-up removal method, and the Trans Design news for today. If I'm able to get more information regarding the OPI situation, which I just stepped aside to send the email about, I'll pass it on as soon as I get it. Until next time, Dear Reader, love and nail polish to you!

    Update from Trans Design: OPI products are on a new site,, so they're still available. Good news for all of us!

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