OPI Silver Shatter & Chanel Dragon

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    I'd mentioned that I wanted to try OPI Silver Shatter over Chanel Dragon, so I did.  Dragon is just the shade of red I wanted to pair with Silver Shatter, and it really does give completely opaque coverage in one coat, so it seemed like a good choice.  I still think it was.  Since it was a single coat, I didn't top coat it, I just let it air dry, which only took a few minutes.  Then I added a kind of thick coat of Silver Shatter (I wanted the cracks to be big) and two coats of Diamont to smooth it out.  Here it is in the morning sun.

    OPI Silver Shatter over Chanel Dragon
    OPI Silver Shatter over Chanel Dragon Nail Polish, One Coat Each

    This is much more what I had in mind for Silver Shatter, and I like it, especially how it cracked across near the tips.  I want to give it a go over a navy blue soon, too.

    That's what I know this morning, Dear Reader!  Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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