OPI Silver Shatter

    Good afternoon, Dear Reader!

    I think it was last Friday when I noticed that I had $8 in ebay bucks, which is essentially like a store credit rebate from ebay, so I went searching for OPI Silver Shatter, and I found a good seller who had it for $8 plus $2.50 shipping, and I ordered it.  I'm not affiliated with that seller in any way and this is my first puchase from him or her, but the fact that 93 of these have quickly sold and the price hasn't been increased to match those of other sellers speaks volumes about the seller to me.  The only deviation from the listing is that Priority Mail was specified at checkout, and it was sent First Class, but I kind of figured Priority was stated in error since there's no way to cover the cost of a padded envelope, packing materials, and Priority postage for $2.50, so it wasn't big deal to me at all.  The Silver Shatter arrived well-packed and without incident today, and I decided to test it out.

    Silver Shatter is about one half as thick both in the bottle and on the nail as Black Shatter, so I didn't find a need to use extra clear polish over it to smooth it out and I didn't have to apply it at the speed of light.  I just slapped a coat over my manicure, the one I showed to you this morning, to see how it applied and broke up, and both the application and how it shattered were good.  I figured Essie Smooth Sailing would be an okay base since Silver Shatter was released with the OPI Pirates of the Caribbean Collection, the collection of washed-out pastels for the demure and understated pirate in all of us.  Truthfully, I think it just jacked up my manicure.  I'd prefer it over a black or red creme, but I really don't care for how well the colors blend together using it over Smooth Sailing - it looks more messy than striking to me, adding nothing and taking a lot away.  Here it is with one coat of quick-dry top coat to seal it.

    OPI Silver Shatter
    OPI Silver Shatter over Essie Smooth Sailing and White Konad

    If you let your eyes focus for a few seconds, you can tell which is the silver and that it's a nice crackle.  I want to try it out over Chanel Dragon next time, I think.

    That's just about the only nail polish related thing to tell you about since this morning.  I'm probably going to get rid of this soon because I don't think it's going to grow on me, but  I wanted to give you a peek at Silver Shatter since it's such an improvement over Black Shatter and the likelihood that it'll be a hassle to get soon is pretty high.  Until next time, Dear Reader, love and nail polish to you!

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