Sephora by OPI Once a Cheetah, Always a Cheetah

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    I gave Sephora by OPI's Once a Cheetah, Always a Cheetah from their recent Safari Luxe Collection a try, and that's what I have to show you today.  It's the one described as "opaque orange with medium gold glitter," but I think it's really that new-ish pigment that came out last year and was in several manufacturer's releases.  There's not regular glitter in it at all.  It's bright orange with light yellow gold mixed in, and it was good in three coats.  Here is is dry.

    Sephora by OPI Once a Cheetah, Always a Cheetah
    Sephora by OPI Once a Cheetah, Always a Cheetah Nail Polish, Three Coats

    It's not awful, but it's very foil-y and looks pretty garish on my hands.  I'm not a big fan, which is a little on the annoying side since I bought three from this collection during the brief window of employment, so they're the last nail anything purchase for a while for me.  I'd much rather have a success as the last one for a while!

    You know there's really no way I can get through this whole post with no discussion of the names here.  It's seems as thought the names were chosen and approved based upon the sound of the words together, and they work as long as I don't take a step back and consider what the words actually mean.  I'll start at the top with the collection name: Safari Luxe.  I've known a few heavy-duty travelers in my day, and my understanding is that "luxe" in the context of a safari is one where malaria is avoided and the intestinal troubles aren't too debilitating.  As for the polish, I can dismiss the fact that cheetahs aren't typically bright orange and say the name is cute, one of OPI's better plays on words, but it's only cute for a second until I realize that it's a play on words about infidelity, which just isn't a fun topic to me, more sad, really.  For both it makes me wonder why a manufacturer would want me to think about the topic presented in the name at all.  I perceive Sephora by OPI color names to be the ones where the most thought went into the puns and the least has gone into the meaning (Iris I Was Thinner, anyone?), which makes for some amusing misses.  They're doing something right though - they got me to mention the names!

    That's the not-so-successful polish for today, Dear Reader, and until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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