SpaRitual Reveal Yourself & Konad m83

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    The Stay Chipper Through Festive Manicures Campaign continues with the one I have for you today, SpaRitual Reveal Yourself with two of the patterns from Konad plate m83 stamped on it.  Reveal Yourself is the pale pink from SpaRitual's Truth Collection, which took three coats here (not too bad for a shade this pale), and I stamped the hearts-on-stems pattern on it with Konad Psyche Pink, then decided to perch the vixen kitty pattern atop a heart in Konad Black Special Polish on an accent nail.

    SpaRitual Reveal Yourself and Konad m83
    SpaRitual Reveal Yourself Nail Polish with Konad m83

    It's hard to get too mopey when the kitty's winking at me...

    That's just about all there is today, Dear Reader.  Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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