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    Hello, Dear Reader!

    [Here are Zoya Touch Collection Swatches]

    I'm fast asleep by now, but I have some news I couldn't give you until May 25th Eastern time, and since that's now, I wrote this several hours ago so you could get the word promptly. Today begins the pre-order for Zoya's upcoming limited edition Touch Collection.

    Zoya Touch consists of three opaque nude shades, but not our mamas' kind. They're the kind of edgy, muddied variation of neutrals that are really taking off now, with the cool twist being what appears to be a downright killer shimmer in each. I'll be swatching these for you as soon as I can because I'm really fired up about them based upon the press pictures - I'm a big fan of traditional shades with a good twist, and these appear to be just that. Since I don't have them yet, I'll share with you the press image and video (assuming I embed it properly, I've never posted one here before) that have me excited about this release from Zoya.

    Just so you know what you're looking at, here's Zoya's description of the three polish colors:
    Minka - latte beige cream with a metallic kiss
    Shay - desert rose sand beige cream with a metallic kiss
    Pandora - mauve beige cream with a metallic kiss
    This is the promotional image I have, which you can click to open in a larger size in a new tab.

    Zoya Touch
    Zoya's Touch Collection

    In this video, there are closer pictures of the color swatches that give you a better idea of the shimmer in them. I think the shimmer looks awesome.

    How cool do those look??? I think the reason I'm hyped up is that they're totally wearable, office-appropriate shades for any profession at all, but the cool shimmer is like a secret over-the-top element. I just think that's really fun.

    Zoya's polishes are all free of formaldehyde and formaldehyde resin, toluene, dibutyl phthalate, and camphor, so in addition to being cool, these are safe to wear. For me, being devoid of formaldehyde has mattered for a couple of years since I saw what a difference it makes in discoloring my nails. Quite frankly, vanity aside, all carcinogens are really on my mind a lot more lately because my closest cousin, a breast cancer survivor who's been diligent about check-ups and all, very recently had a sudden aggressive recurrence that spread to her bones and lungs before it was caught. I don't want any one of us to deal with that, so I'm becoming far more conscious in general of risk factors, so having cool nail stuff that's not adding to the problem matters to me, and these don't.

    These three limited edition shades will be available for pre-order starting today on Zoya's site, and I'll have swatches for you as soon as samples arrive. Until next time, Dear Reader, love and nail polish to you!

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