Chanel Mimosa

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    I've finally gotten around to trying out Chanel Mimosa again, and yet again, I find it somewhat disappointing.  I'd have been mad if I paid for this one.

    Mimosa is a yellow with a great shimmer in the bottle, but on me the shimmer didn't translate to on the nail at all. In normal lighting, it's that kind of finish where you're not sure if it's a creme or a shimmer.  The color is nice, but both times I've used it, it required four coats to be even and opaque.  For high end prices, RBL Yellow Fever is much nicer, and since the shimmer doesn't really show up in Mimosa, they're not too different from one another. Here's Mimosa under artificial light.

    Chanel Mimosa
    Chanel Mimosa Nail Polish, Four Coats

    See?  It's just a standard yellow.  I could have used unrealistically bright lights and a closer macro shot to provide you with a prettier picture of the polish, but I was more interested in showing you what it really looks like on me wearing it.

    Since a standard yellow isn't nearly festive enough to keep my spirits up these days, I added to it from one of the D series stamping plates, D23.

    Chanel Mimosa Nail Polish with D23
    Chanel Mimosa Nail Polish with Stamp from Plate D23

    Adding the smiley face, a pattern I've wanted for some time, made me think of something funny.  A good while back, I'd added Konad fake gem decals or some other nail art to a Chanel.  I liked it, it was fun to wear, nothing out of the ordinary.  Someone left a really funny comment on the post, lecturing me about how Chanel is all about simple elegance and reprimanding me for ruining it, and it just went on and on with the "you should know better" kind of thing.  It made me think of one of my aunts, who'd be about 98 now and always wore a hat and a fur coat, and I pictured her getting all irate about what someone else had done to her own nails, which made me giggle.  I think for me the bottom line is that for $23, I'm not just buying a bottle of polish, I'm buying the rights to do whatever the heck I want to do with it!  Today, that was a smiley face.

    That's Chanel Mimosa and the story for today, so until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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