China Glaze Crushed Candy Crackle

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    About a week or so ago I showed you Nfu Oh 40 over Misa Quirky Smile, but what I didn't show you was that I got an extra day out of it by topping it off with China Glaze Crushed Candy, the Crackle Glaze that's about the same shade as For Audrey.  I really just wasn't particularly excited about removing the flakies, and it didn't occur to me until after I'd added Crushed Candy that I'd succeeded in making the situation a little worse.  Since we know by now that I was able to remove all of it, all's well that ends well, and it was fun while I wore it.

    China Glaze Crushed Candy Crackle
    China Glaze Crushed Candy Crackle over Nfu Oh 40 and Misa Quirky Smile

    On this one, I really like how glowy the flakes are as they peek out of the kind of muted creme shade of Crushed Candy.  I think as long as a base polish and a crackle are pretty dramatically different from one another, I'll like them together.

    That's what I have for you this morning, Dear Reader.  Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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