LCN Magnetic Nail Polish in Green Temptation

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    Today I have something a little different for you, one of LCN's magnetic nail polishes.  It's the green one, named Green Temptation.

    It came with two magnets, so I tried both out.  I'd gotten reasonably good at using magnetic polishes with the magnet on the bottle, and it turns out that I'm not nearly so good at using a loose one.  When it's on the bottle, there's a little ledge to anchor the tip of the nail to hold it really close to the magnet, and that's handy.  Using these loose ones, it's hard to get and stay close enough to the polish without bumping into it, which you'll see I did to two nails.  I applied base coat to all ten nails, then a coat of Green Temptation to one nail, did the magnet thing to it for about twenty seconds, and moved on to the next nail until I was done, then top coated all ten.  I used a diagonal stripe magnet on all but my ring fingers, and there I used a star magnet.  These didn't turn out so great...

    LCN Magnetic Nail Polish in Green
    LCN Magnetic Nail Polish in Green Temptation, One Coat

    It's frustrating to put a lot of effort into a manicure that looks this half assed upon completion...

    That's it for today Dear Reader, so until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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