OPI Simply Smash-ing & White Shatter

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    I'm up bright and early so I can run off to a horrifying appointment with the dentist in just a bit.  In light of that start to the day, continuing with the sparkly shatter manicures seemed in order to counter it.

    For today's mani, I figured I'd just look at stuff that's come out in the last few months and go with whatever refreshed my memory with an inspiration first.  That ended up being my first thought while wading through my disdain at Black Shatter over Simply Smash-ing, the first OPI Serena set, which I recall specifically noting upon my first proof read that my review contained the phrase "it's hideous" three times, so I spent a long time rewriting that one.  That thought was that Simply Smash-ing was like a sparkly tennis ball green, a favorite color with a favorite finish, and that with white shatter it might look cool.  I put that on the back burner until White Shatter was released, and lo and behold, that's my manicure for today.

    I needed three coats of Simply Smash-ing, which would have been negotiable as a base color were it not for my one clear fake tip, then did a top coat to dry it, White Shatter, and more top coat to seal it.  This is how Simply Smash-ing with White Shatter looks.

    OPI Simply Smash-ing, OPI White Shatter
    OPI Simply Smash-ing with OPI White Shatter

    You can get the whole tennis ball theme from that, right?  I don't think that one's too far a stretch.  Whether it's that or I've just warmed up to crackle polishes so much since the first time I used Black Shatter, I really love this one.

    I'm having a blast with crackles lately - they're such an easy way to make a cool mani an over-the-top one.  That's what I know for now, Dear Reader, so until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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