Some New Polishes and a Chanel Mimosa style franken

    I had another go at making a franken. I love the idea of chanel Mimosa but don't love the price. I'm sure one day I will splurge on a Chanel nail polish just to have one in my collection.
    I used a little of collection 2000 lemon drop, Models own lemon and some of a yellow nail art pen which had some microshimmer in it. I also used quarter of a bottle of top coat as well to make it shiny and jelly-ish.

     I've also bought a few polishes which I thought I would share
    Models own - Navy, Grace Green and silver shatter, Ruby and Millie in 610C and 600P and Bourjois Bleu asphalte

    Ruby and Millie are currently £2.50 and the nail polishes seem to be the last bits left on the stand. The 610C is a creme polish and the 600P has a shimmer they are the same colour


    I applied the shimmer over the blue as it is very very watery and would take 6+ coats to reach opacity which I would never ever bother with!
    Next is Grace Green. As I have mentioned many times before I love Models Own polishes this is a great consistency and can cover in one coat

     Next is Models Own Navy

    And finally is Models Own Silver Shatter
    I do like this but it doesn't have the same silvery-ness (that is now a word because I said so) as it has in the bottle. I was a little bit disappointed. Which is a shame because as I have said I love Models Own polishes.
    And finally Bourjois Bleu Asphalte

    This is a lovely polish really nice and shiny with great colour and coverage. This was one coat.

    Models own can be bought on the website or Boots. The polishes are £5 and the shatter is £6 and I got them on a 3 for 2 deal on Saturday.
    Bourjois can be bought in most retailers I got mine from Boots for £5.99 but I got as part of 3 for 2 across beauty products.
    Gosh that ended up being a long post! A couple more pics for luck XD

    Stacie xoxox

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