Revlon Grape Fizz

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    I chose another Revlon Fizz to try out today, Grape Fizz, but before I move on to that I'll mention a couple of things about Watermelon Fizz and its removal.  By mid-morning my sense of smell was back to non-smoking normal, and I found that the fragrance of Watermelon Fizz was light and not too sweet, not overpowering at all.  Since it was more flaky sparkly bits than glitter (like the non-glitter OPI Burlesque shades), removal was really easy.  I used non-acetone remover, a good strong one, and one little square of felt and very little effort was all that was required to take off three coats, so if fear of removal is putting you off from these, that's not an issue.

    So on to Grape Fizz!  It's higher maintenance than the last one for me, and I needed four coats.  When applying the fourth, my thought was that it was just needed to make the polish completely even for a macro picture, and somehow that fleeting thought put me into swatching mode and I only did my left hand, so the right only has three coats.  Three coats is so blotchy it's uneven and falls short of bottle color (it's kind of faded and washed out on my right hand), so this one really will need four coats for me.  With drying often being an issue for me with Revlons, I waited a couple of minutes between coats then finished it off with quick dry top coat, and it seems to be drying just fine.

    Revlon Grape Fizz
    Revlon Grape Fizz Nail Polish, Four Coats

    It's quite pretty, but I'm deciding if its four-coat pretty and leaning toward No.  As for the fragrance of this one, it's much stronger than the watermelon.  When I was applying the first coat I noticed it (strongly), and it's the pleasant scent of 100% grape juice, but almost totally dry on my nails I can still smell it very strongly while sitting here typing.  If it remains this heavily fragranced, that'll be a dealbreaker for me - I sleep with my hands right by my face, and I can tell you now that even half this much grape juice smell would really get on my nerves trying to drift off to sleep.

    That's Grape Fizz - a beautiful but demanding sparkly purple that may well have too much scent for me.  Until next time, Dear Reader, love and nail polish to you!

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