Glitter Gal Silver

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    This morning I have another Glitter Gal holographic polish, Glitter Gal Silver, that was sent for review, and it's a happy surprise.  I put this one off because in the bottle the polish is underwhelming - I figured, "Huh, Glitter's Gal's OPI DS Coronation."  In the bottle that's accurate but on the nail it's completely inaccurate.

    Like the OPI, Glitter Gal Silver dries super glassy smooth, but the quantity of little holo flakes is more like the China Glaze Kaleidoscopes.  From there, if you mix in the holographic effect of Chanel Holographic, where there are a million colors, then you have Glitter Gal Silver.  I used a Nutra Nail base coat, three coats of color, then a coat of Diamont to dry it.  I waited a few minutes and then took pictures in the sun.

    Glitter Gal Silver
    Glitter Gal Silver Nail Polish, Three Coats

    Glitter Gal Silver, Closer Look
    Glitter Gal Silver Nail Polish, Closer Look at Three Coats

    See what I mean?  This is perfectly glassy smooth and looks like I have a boatload of holo glitter encrusting my nails.  I can't think of a down side to that.

    I'm very impressed with all the Glitter Gal polishes I've tried, and Silver is no exception.  That's all for today, Dear Reader, so until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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