Revlon Just Tinted Victorian

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    After a few days of wearing strong colors, a Revlon Just Tinted jelly polish seemed in order today, so I went with Victorian, a medium pink.

    Victorian applied reasonably well, but I needed four coats.  It was still quite sheer after three, so I knew a fourth wouldn't make a tremendous difference in opacity, but when I took a look to see if I could stop at three, the color was pretty blotchy.  The fourth evened it out, then I used a coat of Poshe to dry it and one of that Sally Hansen Salon 10 Day Speed Dry top coat I mentioned the other day to shine it up.  This is Revlon Just Tinted Victorian in sunlight after it was pretty dry.

    Revlon Just Tinted Victorian
    Revlon Just Tinted Victorian Nail Polish, Four Coats

    I think it's pretty, but that's a lot of coats.  If you recall, I often have troubles with Revlon polishes completely curing well, so I'm a little concerned that this will be a Braille manicure by this evening even though I allowed each coat to really set for a few minutes before applying the next.  Time will tell.  It's a nice break from bolder shades without going for all-out sheer, so I'm willing to wait and see if it dries properly.

    That's the manicure for today, so until next time, love and nail polish to you!

    Later that day... A few hours after posting, I was connecting cables and hardware for a network, and my polish dented pretty badly.  No bubbles or smudges, it just stayed a little bit denty.  Boo.

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