Revlon Royal Cloak

    Good afternoon, Dear Reader!

    I wasn't planning a color change for today, but I stopped off at a Walgreen's on my way home from a lunch and ran into the latest Revlon display during a Revlon sale.  That sounds a lot worse than it really is - I looked at all the colors in the display and left with only one.  There's a light gold that I didn't check the name of which looks very nice, but I have a few lighter golds from last winter and let it go.  The one I chose was Royal Cloak, which I read was a Revlon take on Butter London's No More Waity Katie.  I wasn't a fan of Butter London before they changed their formula, and they're priced too high for me to roll the dice on whether it's an improvement, so it's nice to find something along the lines of a nice shade for under $4.

    The Revlon take on Chanel Black Pearl (Black with Envy?  something like that...) was the last Revlon I had success with, but when they work for me, they really work for me, which is what keeps me trying them.  Since proper drying is the problem I encounter if there is one, I pulled out the big guns for my Royal Cloak manicure using SpaRitual Tout de Suite top coat over two coats of color.  The base I used here was SpaRitual Lacquer Lock base coat.  After allowing a few minutes for the manicure to cure, it seems to have dried quite nicely.  Here's Revlon Royal Cloak in the sun, and it appears somewhat brighter in the picture than in person.

    Revlon Royal Cloak
    Revlon Royal Cloak Nail Polish, Two Coats

    The color is a touch muddy in person rather than as bright as in this picture.  I got this camera in 2010, and it has troubles with some purples, with this being one.  For me, it's really the shimmer that sets this one apart - it's reminiscent of Sally Hansen Salon Arabian Night, which was a paler purple with gold shimmer.

    That's Revlon Royal Cloak and just about all I have to tell you about today, so until next time, Dear Reader, love and nail polish to you!

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