Sally Hansen Limited Edition Halloween Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips

    Good evening, Dear Reader!

    I ran across something cool I thought you might want to know about, so I'm here to tell you.  I've been eyeing the various patterns of Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips, and I ran into some limited edition Halloween ones that look really fun.  That's the kind of thing that'll test your last nerve to hunt for in stores much of the time, and the good news is I found them online for $8.  Here are the pictures of the patterns.  They're skinny pictures, so I'll just put the giant versions right here.

    Spun For You

    Wish Nets

    Hot Wired


    Ghoulie Girl

    I found them listed as "Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips-Limited Edition Halloween" on for $9.99 retail, but the reason I was on their site was a 20% off code, which is 61252.  I don't know all the details of the code like end date and stacking codes, but I'd wager they're on the site somewhere.  It's a good price for them and Halloween stuff pops up and disappears so fast that I thought I'd let you know about them.

    I'm really digging these nail polish strips in general (as well as the Halloween ones specifically!) - my mani's still good, but I'll likely change it tomorrow.  I used the gold glitter strips for a pedicure so I can do a real wear test on them though.  I tend to leave a pedi alone for a really long time - I remember crossing the Ridiculous line with one, and made the conscious decision to see if I could bear to just grow the whole thing out and did it (just cutting them and leaving my hot pink polish on there).  I wish I could say that at the time I wasn't writing a nail care blog, but alas...

    That's about all I wanted to pass on, so until next time, Dear Reader, love and nail polish to you!

    **Added 08/30/2011: I just saw a display of these in person.  It's a tabletop display, so one that goes on a shelf, and there are two boxes of each per display.  These pics are representative of all but the green, which looks very cool in person (but I bring you this information empty handed).

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