Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Pink-y Ring

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    I'm working my way through the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wears with today's being Pink-y Ring.  It's smooth fine fuchsia glitter in a clear base, and not quite as much of a hit as the last several.

    The glitter in Pink-y Ring is pretty sparse, so I used an opaque base color under it, one coat of Misa's I'm Going to Love Myself (I'm really hoping that name means in the Free to Be... You and Me sense).  Then
    I added three coats of Pink-y Ring, and it's all nice and sparkly.  The pictures show the color, glitter size, smoothness, and density, but the focus made the sparkle go away.    On the nail, it's just as sparkly as in the bottle.

    Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Pink-y Ring
    Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Pink-y Ring Nail Polish, Three Coats over an Opaque Base

    The glitter in Pink-y Ring is perfectly smooth with one coat of Diamont, so that's a good thing.  I picked this polish up and put it back a couple of times because I was concerned it wouldn't be opaque, and I got it hoping it was, so overall this one's kind of a disappointment even though I was able to get a manicure I like out of it.

    That's Sally Hansen Pink-y Ring and the next installment in the Xtreme Wear Saga, so until tomorrow, love and nail polish to you!

    Edited to Add: At 11:00 p.m. after wearing this  out and about on a sunny day and running around all evening, I love this manicure.  The glitter just glows throwing off fuchsia light and is flawlessly smooth.  I clicked the picture to see if it could give a sense of that on a 17" freshly calibrated monitor, and am pleased to report that it does.

    The whole glitter photography thing drives me nuts, where the combinations of light, focus and shutter speed mean either I can get a picture to show glitter size, smoothness, and color clearly or the sparkle accurately, and the sun was so bright for this picture that out of the twelve I took, not one was the blurred version that would clearly show sparkle.  However, if you click on the picture for the great big version, there are glitter bits visible on my nails that show the fuchsia glow individually.  Since I didn't get the picture, here's the leap to how it looks in real life: see all the non-glowy glitter bits?  In person they do sparkle like the few, even in normal indoor light.  Between the girly color and the smooth, bright glitter, this one has won my heart whether it requires layering or not.

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