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    Good afternoon, Dear Reader!

    Today I have the fun task of showing you OPI's limited edition Halloween 2011 glow in the dark polish, which is called Zom-body to Love, a light green.  For those newer to collecting polish, each year OPI releases a set of Halloween minis that includes a glow-in-the-dark, and there are "Promotional - Not for Sale" full sized bottles of the GID shade floating around all the time, usually easy to get for retail, which is just what I did on Ebay.

    My experience of OPI's GID polishes, which I've bought since 2006 (I don't know when OPI started them, that's when I started...) is that they're always very sheer, impossible to make opaque alone, and pretty much the opposite of self-leveling.  They glow like nobody's business,which makes them completely worth jumping through some hoops to make workable for me.

    The first thing I did with my bottle was take it into the bathroom (which has no windows) and hold it up to a light bulb for a few seconds before shutting the door, turning off the light, and taking a picture.  Since there was no light at all, the shutter time was roughly an eternity and it's a little blurred, and I apologize for that, but I really caught the glow.  They all seem to glow greenish, it's just coincidence that the color in the light is green as well.

    OPI Zom-body to Love Bottle
    OPI Zom-body to Love Bottle Glowing in the Dark

    Next, I did a manicure.  I started with base coat, and to take care of the opacity issue, I used two coats of Misa Heaven White to start.  One moderately thick coat would have been sufficient, but I have a hard time applying thicker coats and also when my nails are on the shorter end of my length range, so two thin was better for me here.  I assumed I'd need at least two coats of Zom-body to Love, so I allowed a few minutes of drying time between coats.  I ended up using three coats of Zom-body to Love, and I made them very thin so they would stay uniformly smooth and the lack of self leveling wouldn't be a problem, and continued to wait a few minutes between coats.  With so much polish, any shrinkage would look pretty bad, so I used Diamont over it.  After it dried, I went out into the sun and took a picture of it.

    OPI Zom-body to Love
    OPI Zom-body to Love Nail Polish, Three Coats over White

    I like the shade because it's a happier green than a lot of the recent drab ones.  It also looks pretty standard, so the glow is a fun surprise.  On the way to the computer, I was thinking that holding this in sunlight probably super-charged the glow, so I stopped off to get a disembodied nails picture (also blurry, and again I apologize) to show you.  I thought the disembodied watermark made it a more amusing picture, so I put it in.

    OPI Zom-body to Love Nail Polish
    OPI Zom-body to Love Nail Polish Glowing in the Dark
    I didn't Photoshop any of these pictures other than cropping and adding text, the OPI GID's just glow like crazy, which is why I'm always happy when one is released.  I think you also know I wouldn't normally give you blurry pictures, but for fun ones of something glowing in a totally dark room, I'm going to show you whatever I'm lucky enough to get!

    For a one-polish purchase, Ebay's a good bet for this one.  I just searched for the name, looked at Buy It Now only, sorted by price + shipping, and bought the least expensive one that was coming from a seller whose feedback I was at ease with.  Although the full-sized bottles are collector material, I think it's just fun to  wear GID's, especially as a pedicure since I wear those longer.  I never wear shoes in the house and tend to completely forget I'm wearing a GID polish, then walking down the hall or something I'll see it glowing and it entertains me.  My mother used to tell me I was like a magpie with this kind of thing...

    So that's Zom-body to Love, the 2011 OPI Halloween Glow in the Dark release.  I don't have a heck of a lot else to tell you about, so until next time, Dear Reader, love and nail polish to you!

    All Rights Reserved, Siobhan@The Nailphile. If you're reading this elsewhere, it's stolen from a real nail polish blog.

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