Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Black Magic

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    When I got home last night I changed my nail color to one of the Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers, Black Magic, which I'd shown you bottle pics of but not swatches when I got them.  It's a black that's loaded up with very fine glitters, and it turned out to be quite nice.

    The tombstone cap wasn't a problem to use as a brush handle, but the brush itself falls short of ideal.  It's long and kind of floppy, and mine had some wacky stray hairs.  My experience of Wet n Wild is that the quality of the products is generally good, particularly for the price, and that the quality of the packaging is what keeps the cost as low as it is, so I wasn't horrified to discover that the brush wasn't great.

    I applied base coat, two coats of Black Magic, which was enough for even and opaque coverage, and a coat of Poshe.  The brush only interfered with one nail, my middle left, where the edge of the polish along the cuticle is imperfect, but not enough of a problem to actually do something about it.  This morning, after it dried nicely, I took pictures of it in the sun.  Here is Wet n Wild Black Magic.

    Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Black Magic
    Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Black Magic Nail Polish, Two Coats

    Here's a closer look at the glitter.

    Glitter in Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Black Magic
    Glitter in Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Black Magic Nail Polish

    I absolutely love this polish - it's really fun to wear.  Out of bright light, it's clear that there's glitter in it, and then in bright light it's really sparkly and cool.  I was definitely worth the $2-$3 I spent on it.

    That is what I know about Wet n Wild Fantasy Maker Black Magic, my manicure for the day, so until next time, Dear Reader, love and nail polish to you!

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