China Glaze It's Alive

    Good afternoon, Dear Reader!

    I realized it's the second half of October and I haven't done a thing for Halloween yet, so today's manicure is China Glaze's It's Alive, one of their Halloween polishes.  It's a murky green glitter and I really like it, especially because it's not an obvious orange or black.  While those certainly have their place and are fun, lots already exist, and being the ardent horror flick fan that I am, I know there's infinitely more fodder for Halloween colors than that and late October is the only time anyone other than horror fans particularly cares.

    It's a pretty polish right at the first look, tons of normal fine and small hex glitter in a matching jelly base, but I couldn't immediately see any tie-in to the original It's Alive! movie (that's the one with the big mutant baby).  It's been a while since I've seen it and I never saw the remake since the 1974 state of the art special effects are part of its charm for me, so I checked out the movie trailer and found one.  I say "one" rather than "it" because I don't even know whether China Glaze was making any specific movie reference at all, but an odd green can be connected to the film.  Around 1:50 in the trailer, the doctor asks the parents of the mutant baby if they've ever been exposed to radiation, and it seems like weird shades of green are pretty standard for radiation, as that's what we see in all of the Return of the Living Dead movies as well as in all the Tromaville movies (Class of Nuke 'Em High, The Toxic Avenger, ...).  Here's the 1974 It's Alive! trailer so you can see. Even if you don't care in general, the first few seconds have some of my all-time favorite things going awry in a scary movie music, so I urge you to play it just for that.

    So now that I've established a solid case for an odd green for Halloween (I don't know why that was necessary either, but it was entertaining to do),  I'll show you the manicure.  It's base coat, only two coats of It's Alive!, which was plenty for even and opaque coverage, and three coats of top coat.  It was gritty alone just because it's a dense glitter, and the Tout de Suite I applied to dry it was quickly eaten up by the glitter and it was gritty again.  I added one coat of BB Couture Top Rock to smooth it, and after a bit I needed one more coat of Top Rock.  Now it's shiny and green.

    China Glaze It's Alive
    China Glaze It's Alive Nail Polish, Two Coats

    Here's a closer look at its glitter on one nail.

    China Glaze It's Alive Nail Polish
    A Closer Look at China Glaze It's Alive Nail Polish's Glitter

    I really like it!  It's a fun change from the usual Halloween fare, and I see a scary movie reference when I look at it.  I'm glad I got it.

    So that's China Glaze It's Alive and a case for its Halloween tie-in, so until next time, Dear Reader, love and nail polish to you!

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