FingerPaints Fun-Fetti Holiday Limited Edition

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    I had an email from Sally's PR this morning about Fun-Fetti, their limited edition holiday polish release, that has swatch and promo picture I thought you'd like to see, so here they are.  Clicking the pictures will open it, and you can see a giant version in another tab by clicking the "Show Original" link on the bottom left.

    FingerPaints Fun-Fetti
    FingerPaints Fun-Fetti Bottle Picture

    FingerPaints Funfetti Swatch Promo Picture

    This is the one with the availability information (sometime in November through sometime in January at Sally's Beauty Supply).

    FingerPaints Fun-Fetti Promo
    FingerPaints Fun-Fetti Promo Picture

    I just wanted to give you a peek!  Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

    All Rights Reserved, Siobhan@The Nailphile. If you're reading this elsewhere, it's stolen from a real nail polish blog.

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