Nubar Faded Jeans & Chanel Coco Blue Comparison

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    With some sunlight today, I figured I do one of the Nubar Jeans/Les Jeans des Chanel comparisons I'd promised you.  My thought was that I'd do Faded Jeans and Coco Blue and just redo the Coco Blue nail with the Nubar after taking pictures so I could leave it as my manicure for the day, but much to my surprise, that wasn't necessary.  Maybe because the nail wheel was clear on the initial comparison swatches or something (I haven't used the plastic wheels enough to offer more than a guess), they looked different from one another there, but almost the same, with the exception of the shimmer, on my nails.

    What I did to compare the two was a regular manicure (base, two coats of color, and top coat), using Nubar Faded Jeans for nine nails and Chanel Coco Blue for one nail, gave it some time to dry, and then took pictures.  The sun was coming and going so I have a direct light picture and a cloud cover picture, but I'll start with the sunlight pic that's not labeled so you can have a look.

    Nubar Faded Jeans
    Nubar Faded Jeans Nail Polish with a Chanel Coco Blue Nail, Two Coats

    Here's the same picture with some identifying text added.

    Nubar Faded Jeans and Chanel Coco Blue Comparison in Sunlight

    As I mentioned, the sun was coming and going, so here's another look when clouds were blocking some sun.

    Nubar Faded Jeans and Chanel Coco Blue Comparison
    Nubar Faded Jeans and Chanel Coco Blue Comparison with Cloud Cover

    In the sunlight pictures you can more easily see the only real difference between the two, and that's in the shimmer.  In the spots with sunlight directly on the nails, the Nubar's shimmer is more pronounced, but it's still quite subtle.  It's more like Coco Blue looks in the bottle.

    That's the first round of Nubar Jeans and Les Jeans de Chanel dry manicure comparisons, and for me they're close enough to call them dupes.  We'll have to see about the other two this week, but since in the bottle these are the two that look the most different from one another, I'm hopeful!  Until next time, Dear Reader, love and nail polish to you!

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