Nubar Jeans vs Les Jeans des Chanel

    Good afternoon, Dear Reader!

    The time has come for the swatch comparison showdown between Nubar Jeans and Les Jeans des Chanel.  Nubar sent the Jeans for review, but since it's a cloudy day I didn't want to do the real pictures of them, but I figured we could at least find out the answer to the question that's been asked since the promo image came out: Are they dupes to Les Jeans des Chanel?  I think the answers yes, and I have some nail wheel swatches of the pairs together to let you make your own call on that.

    Here are all three of each side by side.  They're labelled, but the Nubar Jeans shade is the left of each pair and the Les Jeans des Chanel is on the right (which I screwed up labeling on the top pic of all six, the darkest two furthest to the right are reversed - Nubar's always to left of the Chanel for each pair, I'm sorry!).  They're all two coats.

    Nubar Jeans Swatches
    Nubar Jeans vs Le Jeans des Chanel Swatches, Two Coats

    The first pair is Nubar Faded Jeans and Chanel Coco Blue.  That's something a tiny bit more vivid about the Nubar and the shimmer is more visible (the cloudy-day light doesn't show that well, I'll swatch it for real with sun).

    Nubar Faded Jeans Comparison Swatch
    Nubar Faded Jeans and Chanel Coco Blue Comparison Swatch, Two Coats

    Boyfriend Jeans and Blue Boy look the same except for that the Chanel could use a third coat and the Nubar doesn't seem to need one.

    Nubar Boyfriend Jeans
    Nubar Boyfriend Jeans and Chanel Blue Boy Comparison Swatch, Two Coats

    Dark Wash Jeans and Blue Rebel are dupes.

    Nubar Dark Wash Jeans Swatch
    Nubar Dark Wash Jeans and Chanel Blue Rebel Comparison Swatch, Two Coats

    They look the same to me other than the details noted, and they're available on Nubar's site now in the set of three for $19.99.  I had to do the math to find a $67 difference.  Ouch.

    That's the update for today, Dear Reader, and my comparison of Nubar Jeans to Les Jeans des Chanel.  Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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