OPI Think Merry! Pink Merry!

    Good afternoon, Dear Reader!

    For my first manicure of October, I thought I'd go with a pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, although the pink I chose, OPI's Think Merry! Pink Merry! isn't specifically a BCA color.  It was an Ulta Holiday Exclusive a few years ago, I think 2008, but it's a great pink so I'm wearing it.  I don't have any 2011 BCA colors - with the state of the economy as a whole and my household in particular, I'm becoming a bigger fan of direct donations or drumming up direct donations through pledges for walking.  Any money for research is great, so I have no argument with products supporting charities, it's more that my own cash is limited enough that I'd rather see a charity get  my $10 than $1 from a $10 purchase I've made.

    I'm very aware of breast cancer this year - my closest cousin fought it a few years back and did well, being cancer-free for years.  She's in the medical field and working on a doctorate, and has been the ideal follow-up patient.  Between twice-yearly oncologist visits to verify everything's still clear with this being the last year of such visits, she was having a lot of joint and leg pain, really bad pain that required attention (for reference, she's given birth six times naturally without a painkiller), and the upshot was that the cancer had returned and gotten into her lymph nodes and bones, all within a matter of a few months.  That's some scary stuff, and it's mean in the sense that it hurts so badly and unfair in the sense that she actively participated in her own treatment and did everything modern medicine said to do yet still had a worst-case result.  It's a gruesome disease, and I tell her story for the awareness side of the month's theme.

    So now that I've thoroughly bummed you out but decided to leave the story there because it's just one such case of many, I'll tell you about the manicure.  It's one coat of base coat, three very thin coats of Think Merry! Pink Merry! because the color is on the frosty side and thinner coats are kinder in terms of brush marks, then one coat of Poshe.  I let it dry and then took a picture ion the sun, so here's OPI Think Merry! Pink Merry!.

    OPI Think Merry! Pink Merry!
    OPI Think Merry! Pink Merry! Nail Polish, Three Coats

    I love the finish on this one because it has little sparkle bits and I like non-streaky frosts, and an opaque pale pink will always win my heart.

    I'll be trying to go heavy on pinks this month, mixing in the other polishes I have to show you, so Think Merry! Pink Merry! is the beginning of my 2011 BCA pinks.  Until next time, Dear Reader, love and nail polish to you!

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