Color Club Gingerbread Man

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    Last night I changed my polish to Color Club Gingerbread Man, another of the Color Club Scent-suous Holiday Collection that's at Sally's.  I added a little note on removal to Color Club Sugar Plum Yum as well, as it was surprisingly not bad.

    For Gingerbread Man, I used a base coat, two coats of color, and SpaRitual Tout de Suite.  I found Gingerbread Man to be well pigmented and easy to apply, and it ends up as a foily gold.  What was noteworthy about it was the drying time, which was unusually poor.  My experience with Tout de Suite is that five minutes per coat of color is a safe bet for drying time in order for the manicure to be set enough to go do things, so ten minutes should have been good in this case.  However, a good hour after finishing it, I was still getting dings in the very soft polish.  I wanted to go to bed, so I got my Nubar Freeze Dry drying drops and used those before turning in.  Since all I could smell going to sleep was Freeze Dry, I was concerned that I'd killed the gingerbread scent of the polish and would just have a dented up regualr gold mani today, but that wasn't the case.  This morning, the gingerbread fragrance is there and the drying drops did the trick.

    The scent of Gingerbread Man is quite nice.  It makes me think of a natural bakery I like, where they make a lot of quick breads with ground ginger.  I've never made or had actual gingerbread, but I like really good ground ginger in baked things, and it smells like that.  I find the fragrance of this one much more noticeable than that of Sugar Plum Yum, likely because I didn't bury Gingerbread Man in a thousand coats of top coat, but still definitely not overpowering or too strong at all.  Here's what it looks like under artificial light.

    Color Club Gingerbread Man
    Color Club Gingerbread Man Nail Polish, Two Coats

    It's just a nice, foily, kind of unusual shade of gold, which is a good thing, but it smells wonderful so I'm a big fan.  Again, a little high maintenance with the drying issues, but also worth some extra effort.  I'll probably stamp this today or tomorrow, but I don't know how well adding to a manicure that's been dried with drying drops works out.  We'll see!

    That is Color Club Gingerbread Man and the update for today, so until next time, Dear Reader, love and nail polish to you!

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