Color Club Sugar Plum Yum

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    Today I'm wearing Color Club Sugar Plum Yum from the Sally Beauty Supply exclusive Color Club Scent-suous Holiday Collection I showed you bottle pictures of.  It's the purple and green glitter, and I did find the glitter hard to work worth but well worth the effort.

    I didn't want to load up on tons of coats of glitter, so for the manicure I started with a Nutra Nail base coat and two coats of OPI Grape Set Match as a base color.   I gave each coat a couple of minutes to set, then added two coats of Sugar Plum Yum.  It's really gloppy andI found the best way for me to cover each nail was to scoop out a big blob with the brush, plop it down in the middle of a nail, then spread it from there.  The glitter is pretty dang big, so I knew I'd need a good bit of top coat.  I use SpaRitual Tout de Suite to dry it, and after about 15 minutes added a second coat of it.  I switched to Sally Hansen Speed Shine after that and have added a total of three additional coats of top coat.  It's still not perfectly smooth, but since I'll probably have to rent a sandblaster to remove it at this point, it's as smooth as it's getting.  What's cool is that the sugar plum fragrance is still there - it has a really nice scent, like a sugar plum scented candle rather than an artificial flavoring smell.  Like with the Color Club scented  neons, it's not overpowering at all, I just catch the occasional whiff (well, and I keep sniffing it, too!). Aside from the smell of it, I love the finished mani just for how it looks.

    Color Club Sugar Plum Yum
    Color Club Sugar Plum Yum Scented Nail Polish, Two Coats over Purple

    I'll likely wear this until at least tomorrow night because I'm still working on the arduous project I mentioned, so it works out well that I like it so much.  It's a high maintenance polish, but the payoff definitely makes it worth the extra effort for me.

    That's my tale of Color Club Sugar Plum Yum, so until next time, Dear Reader, love and nail polish to you!

    Edited to add a note on removal: I knew this one would have to soak off.  Six minutes with acetone-soaked felt held on with plastic baggies and rubber bands made it painless, like completely not a hassle, and it contained all the glitter so there wasn't a mess.  It's now officially two well-manicured thumbs up for Sugar Plum Yum!

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