Wet n Wild Diamond in the Rough

    Good afternoon, Dear Reader!

    It seemed than an especially blingtastic mani was in order today, and that called for a Wet n Wild Color Icon nail polish.  I picked up three of them weeks and weeks ago, and today I'm wearing Diamond in the Rough, the charcoal one that's loaded up with tiny silver regular and holo hex glitter.  The hex glitter in Diamond in the Rough throws off more bright colors than any other I have, it's really cool.

    Because I wanted to make the removal a little easier since I have a coat of soak off gel on, I started with a foundation of two coats of Illamasqua Boosh, their black creme.  I let each coat dry for a few minutes, then added one coat of Wet n Wild Diamond in the Rough.  I was prepared to part with two coats from the little 0.34 oz bottle, but the glitter in it is very dense and one was all I needed for layering.  I added a coat of Essie Good to Go to dry it, and I'm really impressed with the top coat.  It really dries polish fast without shrinking it and the brush doesn't pick up and color at all, which is ideal.   It's still a new one for me, so I'll continue to mention anything noteworthy about it as I try it for various things.

    Despite the fact that its glitter is fine, Diamond in the Rough was surprisingly gritty after drying.  I did the manicure last night, added one additional coat of top coat to even it out before bed, and needed a third this morning.  It's still not glassy smooth, but it's smooth enough that it isn't annoying and looks shiny.  I took pictures maybe 12 hours or so after applying it in natural light.  The one I chose here is not the clearest of them, but the most accurate in terms of what Diamond in the Rough really looks like.

    Wet n Wild Diamond in the Rough Nail Polish, One Coat over Black

    See the bright colors reflected off the hex glitter in the center of the bottle?  That's the most accurate representation of what it really looks like - the reflected colors are very vivid, and shift from color to color as I move my hands.  I got a WTF??? look from a guy next to me in traffic at a light today as I was playing with it (I'm sure the look was about the idiot fascinated that she could move her hand rather than the polish!), and it's not even especially sunny today.  Here's a closer look at the glitter so you can see how I could get lost for a moment having fun with it.

    Wet n Wild Diamond in the Rough Nail Polish, Closer Look at One Coat

    Even though the density of one coat points to Diamond in the Rough only requiring 2-3 coats for opaque coverage, it's pretty likely I'll be using it for layering to savor my precious 0.34 oz of it.

    The six-day Zoya Feel break from glitters and dramatic colors made Diamond in the Rough over black far more fun to wear than it otherwise would have been, so I'm glad for the timing.  It's something I'll have to remember when nothing seems to be much fun to wear no matter how fabulous it is - that's a hint that a change to neutrals for a bit is in order.

    That's Diamond in the Rough, my return to fabulous sparkly things, and the update for today, so until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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