Zoya Kendal from the Feel Collection

    Good afternoon, Dear Reader!

    Zoya sent a sample set of their Feel Collection for review, and today I'm trying out Kendal.  Rather than swatches, actually wearing these to review them seemed like a better choice since I'd be able to tell you about their drying time this way.

    The press info tells me that "FEEL by Zoya Nail Polish delivers six new, highly pigmented, full coverge neutrals." That doesn't sounds anywhere near as cool as it is, to tell you the truth.  All six shades are very modern, pale neutrals, and I waffled on a few to pick out which to try first.  I settled on Kendal, described as "full coverage, rose quartz beige cream," and I can't really think of a more accurate way to describe the color.  It's definitely an opaque version of the color of rose quartz, which is just difficult to describe.  My hat's off to whoever came up with the description Zoya gives!

    For my Kendal manicure, I used base coat, two coats of color, and Tout de Suite to dry it.  I found the color very easy to control and apply, and one thin coat was almost opaque and exceptionally even in general, let alone for a very pale creme.  I added a second coat of color because it added a lot to the gloss of the polish, but I think one moderate coat could easily do the job.  Kendal dried quickly, with each coat being close to dry when I came around for the next, and after giving it a few minutes to finish drying I took pictures in sunlight.

    Zoya Kendal
    Zoya Kendal Nail Polish, Two Coats

    In the picture, you can see that it's very even and very glossy, and also that it's a tough shade to put words to.  I think the timing of this release, which went online at Zoya on November 15th, is perfect.  Although I enjoy all the glitters, duochromes, and dramatic holiday shades that have come out in recent months, some modern seasonally appropriate neutral cremes are a refreshing change of pace.  I have more glitters around to show you, but they feel kind of like I'm eyeing a Snickers after a big bag of Halloween candy - just way too much.  Zoya Feel's shades, however, seem just right.

    I'm quite pleased with Kendal, and looking forward to wearing the remaining five shades this week.  With the very opaque coverage and high shine combined (normally, it seems one of those suffers a lot when the other is great, but not here), there's an elegant simplicity to these shades that I find very appealing.

    That's the update for today and the start of my Zoya Feel series, so until next time, Dear Reader, love and nail polish to you!

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