Sally Hansen Salon Effects Prep's Cool

    Good morning, Dear Reader, and Happy New Year's Eve!

    At the end of the day Thursday, I realized that I'd given my NYE manicure not a single thought as a was gathering supplies to do it, so I ended up with what fit the bill, which was Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Prep's Cool.  I don't recall if these were a holiday pattern or not, but I remembered buying them because they're really a great pattern.  I wanted something fun and I tend to think of metallics for New Year's, and black argyle on silver seemed like a good choice for that.  After the lengthy wear of the last set, the fact that I was applying them right before a trip didn't seem problematic at all, but I was a little bit concerned about application.  When I've had troubles, it's been the shimmery strips, and I'd have to start over if I couldn't get them smooth since I didn't want to bother redoing my nails while away.

    I'm glad I gave them a shot because they were one of the easiest Salon Effects applications I've done.  I started with a coat of nail strengthener, which I let dry thoroughly before applying the strips to minimize its interference.  I found the only time I had to be unusually cautious with these was in peeling them off of the paper backing - it was easy to just pull the tab right off without the strip, and there was a tendency for a little edge on the side to stay on the paper (like when unrolling plastic wrap goes wrong).  However, being careful took care of that, and there were no difficulties in keeping them smooth and uniform when sticking them on my nails.  The bonus was that the pattern itself made them really easy to line up and keep straight.  I noted that they're very shiny and could do without top coat, but I applied a coat of Essie Good to Go for durability.  Here's Prep's Cool under artificial lighting.

    Sally Hansen Salon Effects Prep's Cool
    Sally Hansen Salon Effects Strips in Prep's Cool

    These things never do well with picture magnification.  They look kind of bumpy, while in person they were remarkably smooth on their own and are as smooth as glass with top coat.  With that in mind, the picture shows you just how well they applied, and what sets these apart from Konading argyle (which was the one pattern that had me enamored with Konad for a year before buying and which I have yet to perfect) is the perfectly clean, sharp lines.  I've just never been able to pull that off with the Konad argyle pattern (that's me, not the pattern, since I've seen others do it just right), so it's fun to finally have argyle nails just as I wanted them!

    That's my fabulous New Year's Eve 2011 manicure, and I hope yours makes you just as happy.  Until next time, Dear Reader, love and nail polish to you!

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