Sally Hansen Salon Effects Snow Bunny

    Good evening, Dear Reader!

    Tonight I wanted a quick but fabulous manicure, and Sally Hansen Salon Effects Snow Bunny delivered.  Snow Bunny is the silvery white background with red snowflakes, and it kind of looks like a Norwegian sweater to me, and I mean that in a good way.  The pattern is one in the holiday display of Salon Effects, and I had the good fortune to run into it several weeks ago at a store where Salon Effects normally retail for $8 while they were on sale for 20% off, so they weren't terribly expensive.

    If you recall, my last Salon Effects application went poorly, and when I went to get this pack to put on, I was questioning whether I'd simply lost any ability to apply them.  This application provided redemption to both me and the nail polish strips, because they went on really easily and I'm enamored with the resulting manicure.  I finished it off with Essie Good to Go to shine it up and seal it, and am more at ease using Good to Go whenever now because I got a great big 4 oz refill bottle for under $20, which comes out to under $2.50 per half ounce bottle and a comfortable price for top coat.

    It's been dark for a few hours, so I took a picture of Snow Bunny under artificial light.

    Sally Hansen Salon Effects Strips in Snow Bunny
    Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips in Snow Bunny

    With the magnification of the picture, the strips look bumpy, but they're not.  The finish is just very pearly.  Salon Effects strips seem to be hard to photograph in general because I want a close enough picture to let you see the pattern well, but the magnification tends to bring out oddities that seem to come from being made out of sprayed polish, like how this one looks bumpy and I recall at least one that clearly looked like it was composed of dots under magnification and great in person.  This one is fabulous in person, a nice pearly white with the snowflakes that have very clean lines.  If I'm lucky enough to find these for a fair price again, I'll probably pick up a second pack of them because I can't imagine that I will tire of this manicure.

    That's my Sally Hansen Salon Effects Snow Bunny manicure and the update for today, so until next time, Dear Reader, love and nail polish to you!

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