Zoya True & Fleck Effect Swatches Spring 2012

    Happy New Year, Dear Reader!

    I'm starting off 2012 with swatches of Zoya's Spring 2012 collections, True and Fleck Effect, which Zoya sent for review.  Both of these collections will be available at Zoya on Jan 13, 2012, the polishes will be $8 each.  Those are the details, so let's get to the swatches.  I used artificial light (an Ott light) for all the pictures in today's post except for two, and I'll mention the lighting for the other two when we get there.

    I'll start with True, which Zoya describes as "slightly muted and unexpected spring shades," a description I'd agree with.  I found all six easy to apply and control, good in two coats, and really unusually shiny without top coat.  The drying time with these seems good (I know for sure it is on the one I wore, but the swatches dried quickly as well).  Here are Zoya's descriptions of the colors:

    • Cho (ZP585): Full coverage, vanilla shimmer metallic
    • Farah (ZP586): Full coverage, latte beige cream
    • Bevin (ZP587): Full coverage, pale sage green cream
    • Skylar (ZP588): Full coverage, silvered slate blue metallic
    • Tru (ZP589): Full coverage, gilded purple orchid metallic
    • Lotus (ZP590): Full coverage, light lotus purple metallic

    The swatches are two coats over base coat, and only one has top coat and I'll point that one out.

    Cho is described as "vanilla shimmer metallic," and I'd sign on for vanilla with a subtle shimmer.  The shimmer shows only in strong light, the secret kind where you need to know to look for it to see shimmer, but it adds a depth to the polish on the nail that works well.  This color really appeals to me, but I think darker skin (which would be anybody's) would work better with it.

    Zoya Cho
    Zoya Cho Nail Polish, Two Coats

    Farah is described as "latte beige cream," and I think that's an accurate description for a good updated beige.

    Zoya Farah
    Zoya Farah Nail Polish, Two Coats

    Bevin is the shade the model has on in the promo picture (I didn't include promo pics just because there are already a ton of pictures here and those will be on Zoya site), and it's a wonderful spring green.  "Pale sage green" is good for Bevin, but there's a touch more color in it than many of the pale greens of the last year or two that sets it apart.  Two coats for a pale green is a bonus, and Bevin was perfect in two.  Check out the shine on the almost-dry polish without top coat.

    Zoya Bevin
    Zoya Bevin Nail Polish, Two Coats

    Skylar, the "slate blue metallic," is a real stunner.  I wouldn't call the finish metallic, but I also don't know what else I would call it.  It's loaded up with sparkly kind of microglitter bits that are just really cool.  Slate blue is a favorite color in general for me, but the shimmer in Skylar really breathes life into it.

    Zoya Skylar
    Zoya Skylar Nail Polish, Two Coats

    Tru, the "gilded purple orchid metallic," is the one I wore as a full manicure, so this one has top coat.  It's a great modern purple, and the shimmer in it is visible in normal light but not overpowering.  It's also where the gilding comes into play.

    Zoya Tru
    Zoya Tru Nail Polish, Two Coats

    Lotus, the "light lotus metallic," is a more muted purple.  It's definitely a modern take on purple, but it stops just shy of the line of looking muddied, which I like.  Again, the shimmer is outstanding.

    Zoya Lotus
    Zoya Lotus Nail Polish, Two Coats

    It's evident in the swatches that Zoya's not using the term "full coverage" loosely.  All six True shades were totally opaque and even in two coats, which is a big plus.  I especially like the fact that all six are very wearable but all are good updates of "safe" colors, and the three shimmers are very strong.  The shine of all six is also outstanding before the addition of top coat.

    That brings us to Zoya's Fleck Effect Collection, described by Zoya as "mylar fleck glazes" (more commonly referred to as flakies), and their descriptions of the three shades are:
    • Chloe (ZP584): Pink tint with mylar green and gold fleck effect
    • Opal (ZP583): Green tint with mylar green fleck effect
    • Maisie (ZP582): Blue tint with mylar green fleck effect

    To looks at the flakes, I swatched them over black first, and have pictures with one coat and with two coats over a black creme.  From top to bottom, they are Chloe, Opal, and Maisie, one coat each.

    Zoya Fleck Effects Swatch
    Zoya Fleck Effects Swatches, One Coat Each over Black

    This is two coats in the same order.

    Zoya Fleck Effect Swatches
    Zoya Fleck Effect Swatches, Two Coats over Black

    Black gives a good look at the flakes, and as you can see the tint doesn't seem to make a big difference here.  However, it does over lighter colors, so I layered it over some of the True Collection to see what it did.  Here's a look at all three over the swatches of Cho, Farah, and Bevin in the same order as above (the pictures are labelled with them as well) with one coat of each Fleck Effect.

    Zoya Fleck Effect Swatches Zoya Cho
    Zoya Fleck Effect Swatches, One Coat over Zoya Cho

    Zoya Fleck Effect Swatches Zoya Farah
    Zoya Fleck Effect Swatches, One Coat over Zoya Farah

    Zoya Fleck Effect Swatches Zoya Bevin
    Zoya Fleck Effect Swatches, One Coat over Zoya Bevin

    The tint in each slightly alters the overall color of the base shade, which is good to know.  I didn't have the heart to cover up the shimmer in the other three Zoya True swatches, so I didn't add Fleck Effects to them.  However, the morning after applying Tru, I was out in great sunlight for a bit, and I decided I really wanted to see what Chloe, the Fleck Effect with a pink base, would look like over it, so I added two coats to my Tru manicure.  Since the sun was shining, I took a sunlight picture and one in the shade of the combination.  With one coat of top coat over two of Chloe, it dried to a remarkably smooth finish.

    Zoya Tru Zoya Chloe
    Zoya Chloe over Zoya Tru, Two Coats Each in Sunlight

    Zoya Chloe over Zoya Tru
    Zoya Chloe over Zoya Tru, Two Coats Each in the Shade

    Chloe's tint changed the color of Tru a bit, and both colors of the flakes really show up well.  Chloe's my favorite of the Fleck Effects, but I think all are cool with the tint added.  The density of the flakes in all three is just right for me, as I'd wear them at either one or two coats, but not more.  Since two coats of a Fleck Effect is totally smooth with only one coat of top coat, they're something I would not hesitate to add to a manicure to change it up for another day's wear.  I'm a fan, and this collection might be an indicator that 2012 will be The Year of the Flakies.

    It looks like 2012 is off to a very good start with Zoya's Spring 2012 collections, and I hope the coming year holds many more great things for all of us.  Until next time, Dear Reader, love and nail polish to you!

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