Color Club Copycat

    Good evening, Dear Reader!

    Today I don't have new colors for you, but a new scented top coat.  It's Color Club Copycat, one of the six scented top coats in the Color Club Copycoats Collection.  I'd asked their PR for info about them, but never heard back so I'm completely winging it.

    The name of the collection seems to imply that they're copies of existent fragrances, but unfortunately I don't know a heck of a lot about fragrances.  I try samples and if I like them enough, I buy a bottle to wear when it's time to replace one of a few I have in rotation.  That probably makes me the perfume equivalent of someone who always wears clear polish most of the time and goes out on a limb with a sheer pink, but I wanted these to wear rather than because I had lofty ambitions of an eloquent review.

    The first thing worth pointing out is that the bottles are different, still 0.5 oz but kind of a squat cube and heavier than the normal ones.  I figured I'd use it like a refresher top coat after my manicure dried, so the picture of today's mani doesn't include it since I got them after the sun had set, but I'll show you a picture of one next time. The labels are different too, really tiny black print on a clear plastic label and kind of hard to read.  The packaging for the set of six isn't fantastic - I picked it up and all the bottles flew out of it onto the floor.  Fortunately, that was over carpet, so no harm done, but it seemed like I ought to point that out.  If you get a set, pick it up carefully...

    I added a coat of Copycat to my current manicure, a Nails Inc Kings of Neon rainbow-with-five-colors manicure.  Copycat is dry now, and the fragrance, described by Color Club as "fresh and clean, this sensual scent is infused with black currant, green apple and peach top notes" turned out to be quite nice.  I'd wager a perfume person could accurately guess what it's supposed to smell like, but as I mentioned, that ain't me, so I'll just tell you what I do know.  The scent is light but clearly there, like I used a perfumed hand lotion, one of the little lotions that comes in a perfume gift set.  It's not so strong that it seems as though it would clash with actual perfume, just a good clean fragrance, but strong enough that I'll probably keep sniffing it.  I like it.

    Here's my Kings of Neon manicure, just so there's a picture.  It was taken before the top coat was added, before the fabulous sunlight was gone.  The top coats have a tiny bit of tint, but it didn't affect the color at all so it looks just the same.

    Color Club Copycat
    Nails Inc Kings of Neon Manicure, Three Coats Each

    The Kings of Neon set is six minis with base and top coat minis, so I figured I'd put the yellow in the picture since it was the one that didn't make the cut.  The purple is actually very bright, but neon purples are a nightmare to get an accurate picture of and the other five shades look right.  From thumb to pinky, they're Paradise Walk, Orange Street, Lime Street, Phoenix Street, Orchid Street, and the bottle is Sun Street.  Nails Inc didn't break their backs coming up with those names, did they?

    The addition of fragrance to this manicure makes it even happier.  I've often told you of my love of scented polishes, so the idea of scented top coats really appealed to me.  I figured I'd either be really happy or totally disappointed after trying one out, and the result is happy.  Color Club seems to do particularly nice fragranced polishes, not sickly sweet or overwhelming at all as so many that have come before their have been.  I'll likely be adding these to everything, and since I knew I'd have them this evening, one of the points of doing a skittles manicure was to see if the tint affected color.  Since it didn't, I won't hesitate to use them either under quick dry top coat or over a dry manicure.

    That's my first try of a Color Club Copycoat, and I'll include a bottle picture and try to remember to tack a link on to it from here next time.  Until then, Dear Reader, love and nail polish to you!

    All Rights Reserved, Siobhan@The Nailphile. If you're reading this elsewhere, it's stolen from a real nail polish blog.

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