Dior Garden Party: Waterlily & Forget-Me-Not

    Good afternoon, Dear Reader!

    I have more Spring 2012 in store today with the two polishes from Dior Garden Party, Waterlily and Forget-Me-Not.  Yes, I know it's barely January...

    These are available from Nordstrom, which I always think is the safest possible place to order higher-end items since they have amazing customer service, and that's where I bought mine.  Dior is my favorite high-end brand of polish (I think of anything over $15 or so as high-end prices for polish) because the quality of the polish is outstanding and the ones I have all apply unbelievably well, are very well pigmented so not much of the 0.33 oz bottle gets used at once, and they wear nicely.  I'd read that the Dior Garden Party polishes are scented, and that was pretty much the last nail in the coffin of any resistance I had against them.

    I have great sunlight today, so I used that for the pictures.  I'll show you Forget-Me-Not first, a sort of dusty purple creme.  I just did a three nail swatch of Forget-Me-Not since I didn't want to part with more of it for a swatch, but I figured I'd use base and top coats and give it a few minutes to dry for the picture to make up for it.  The polish is thick but easy to control, typically well pigmented and requiring only two coats, and the brush in both of these is the newer upsized one.  It's most similar in both shape and size to the one in Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polishes.  The first time I opened a Dior and saw the new brush, I was horrified that they broke a luxury brand I love, and although I still prefer the old one, you can see in the pictures that it does do a really nice job for application so any complaints I have about it aren't about anything of substance.  This is two coats of Forget-Me-Not with base and top coat in sunlight.

    Dior Forget-Me-Not
    Dior Forget-Me-Not Nail Polish, Two Coats

    When painting the first coat on the first two nails (the top two), I was getting a feel for the brush.  Those big brushes always throw me a little bit at the start.  Even while getting the hang of it, the color is very even and opaque at two really thin coats.  It's a pretty color, but unless you're a big fan of Dior and/or scented polishes, it's likely not worth the $23 it costs.  Since I am both and love purple, it is and I like it.

    The other Garden Party shade is Waterlily, and I changed my manicure to it after the swatch.  It's a stunning green shimmer, very much along the lines of Chanel Jade in color but with a different shimmer.  It's a more pearl-like shimmer, but quite stunning just the same.  I found Waterlily to be a bit thinner than Forget-Me-Not, but equally easy to apply and just as good in two coats.  Here's Waterlily after it dried.

    Dior Waterlily
    Dior Waterlily Nail Polish, Two Coats

    Waterlily is the nail polish embodiment of spring, which I love.  There's not one thing I'd change about it, and you can see I'd gotten the hang of the brush by the time I started the manicure.  You can also see my pink camera in all of today's pictures.

    I have one more picture for you, and that's of Forget-Me-Not's box because this collection has different packaging than normal.  It's all silver, and surprisingly reflective...

    Dior Garden Party Vernis
    Dior Garden Party Vernis Parfume Box

    The fragrance of these is subtle, and if you like one or both but don't want to smell it, I'd suggest swatching a nail with a tester at a store before writing them off.  It's not the overpowering fake rose smell that I think anybody fears at the mention of a rose scent, it's more like really nice lightly scented rose soap.  I have to put my hand near my face and pay attention to the fragrance in order to get a whiff to describe it, so I don't think many would find it offputting at all.

    Dior's Garden Party polishes are a huge hit with me.  I love the polish, the colors, and I really like the scent a lot, just a nice clean springy smell, so I'm glad I decided to get them even though they're expensive.  They're genuinely luxurious, so I don't mind a luxury price in this case.  I'll try to get back to showing you some winter things I have here untried, but for now, I'm going to admire Waterlily and pretend it's April.  Until next time, Dear Reader, love and nail polish to you!

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