Konad m88 & Vivid Pink Special Polish

    Good afternoon, Dear Reader!

    My new Konad plates and polishes arrived today, and if you recall, in the post about them I mentioned that I intended to be sporting pink and black zebra tips in the near future.  Well, the future is now except that it's more tiger stripes than zebra on closer inspection, and I used plate m88 with the Vivid Pink Special polish for today's manicure.  Actually, I used a lot more than that, as it's a pretty elaborate one, but I am smitten with the final result.  It's exudes about a Snooki level of stylish grace, but I'm hoping that the fact that I'm skin-colored rather than orange lets me pull it off.

    I wanted a sheer-ish base, but of course sparkles had to be incorporated, so after applying a coat of base coat I used two coats of Misa Sugar Daddy and topped it with Essie Good to Go to dry it.  After giving that about 15 minutes to dry, I added black tips.  Since I wanted the back to line up as well as possible with the tiger pattern, I first did a round of quickie stamps from m88 in Wet n Wild black to give me a guide (only lining it up mattered to me here), then painted over the stamps with the black using the smile line I'd applied as a guide.  The tips only needed one coat to be opaque and totally black, and then I added another coat of Good to Go and waited ten more minutes for drying.  Finally, it was time for the pattern...

    While waiting for the black to dry, I tested Vivid Pink over black on paper, and it worked well.  Vivid Pink is an extremely pigmented sparkly chrome, but it dries at about the same rate as other Konad polishes rather than at the speed of light like other chromes that work for stamping, which meant it was really easy to get very  clean solid stamps.  I double-stamped each tip with Vivid Pink, lining up the first with the smile line of the black and then the second with the top edge of the first stamp.  The last step was to seal the Vivid Pink with another coat of Good to Go, and now I have a ridiculous yet fabulous manicure.  Here it us under an Ott light.

    Konad m88
    Konad Plate m88 and Vivid Pink Special Polish

    In room lighting, the light sparkle of Sugar Daddy and metallic finish of Vivid Pink are clearer, and I absolutely love it!  In the bottle, the other new Special Polishes (Moss Green and Light Bronze) look like they have the same finish as this one,  and I'll be trying them out to show you this week.

    That's all for today, Dear Reader.  Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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